Aheloy is a village, situated on the south Black Sea coast with population of about 2200 people. It is known for an epic battle that took place there in 917 AD, when the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon the Great put to rout the Byzantines.

Hotel rooms and many private lodges are offered at quite accessible rates.

There is an yacht port in Aheloy, and recently a massive lighthouse was built. The village has a very beautiful park, afforested with coniferous and broad-leaved trees, where children can have fun on the swings. There is also a monument of Tsar Simeon the Great.

The beach is part of the bay of Bourgas and is among the longest beaches in the country with length of 10km, stretching to the town of Pomorie. The beach is located in a kilometer distance from the village.

The beach sports include pedalo, water skis, surfing. Beside this fishing for tourists is offered – both salt-water in the sea and freshwater in Aheloy river, after which the village is named.
Aheloy is preferred spot for quiet vacation far away from the big city and crowds. There are restaurants, daily beach bars and several discos and night bars.

The village is relatively undamaged by the construction boom on the Black Sea coast. There is an emphasize on ecology, the river is clean, the beach is well maintained. You will be fascinated by the nature, quietness and the fresh air, and you won't notice huge construction sites, typical for some of the bigger resorts in Bulgaria. Aheloy is a wonderful place for tranquil family vacation.

On the main road you'll find several shops and street-stalls, where you can buy souvenirs.

Aheloy is only 19km. away from Bourgas Airport, where you can rent some of our cars. On its sides are Sunny Beach and Pomorie, where we also offer our rent a car service, and you can take or return a vehicle from our wide-ranging fleet.