Ravda is a small resort town on the sea-shore with population of about 2000 people. It is situated between Nessebar and Aheloy, 27km. away from Bourgas.

Ravda is a preferred spot for quiet and tranquil vacation. The town has a very clean air, because there are no plants and industry in closeness. Big hotels are just a few – most visitors choose to stay in private lodges, bungalows or small family hotels. The accommodation rates are much more modest than those in the resorts nearby.

Ravda is connected with Nessebar and Sunny Beach by regular bus transport in 30min. intervals, so many tourists have the opportunity to sleep and sunbathe in Ravda, but also have a look at the museum-city Nessebar and the luxurious resort Sunny Beach.

The sand and the sea are kept clean. Because of the lack of big hotels, the town is not as crowded in summer as Sunny Beach for instance.
Even though Ravda is advertised with its relative tranquility, there is night life – several discos and night clubs. There are lots of restaurants and street-stalls on the streets.

There is also fun on the beach – you can surf, ride water skis, pedalo and others.

The beaches are two – south and central, usually shallow and appropriate for children. The South beach has most of the entertainments, while the in the central the quietness and tranquility is more appreciated.

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