Balchik is a midsize town, located on the Black Sea coast with population of about 13 000 people. Among the most popular sights are the Botanical garden and the Palace, which was a residency of the Romanian queen Maria.

The area was first settled in 5th century BC, and served for many centuries as military fortification surrounded by city wall. After the Balkan war, Balchik became part of Romania. Enchanted by the beauty of the place, Queen Maria decided to build a botanical garden there and a palace – her summer residence. In present days they are well reserved and are among the most visited attractions along the Black Sea coast.

The Botanical garden is currently a protected area, managed by Sofia University. Inside you'll see more than 2500 plant species, many of which exotic and rare. The garden is famous for its collection of cactuses, one of the most complete in the world.

The Palace is also within the borders of the protected area, there you can enjoy the astonishing architecture. Around the palace there are several villas and the chapel “Stella Maris” which are also open for tourists.

The historical museum in the town offers its visitors an interesting collection of exhibits, some of which several centuries old. Another popular place for tourists is the Art Gallery, where you can see paintings by some of the best Bulgarian artist, among which works by Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora.  There is also an ethnographic museum, a mosque and three churches.

In the summer, the city hosts many festivals. “Balfest” and “Film Forum” are film festivals which gather people working in the industry from all over the world.

Not far away from Balchik are the resorts Kranevo, Albena and Golden Sands. The nearest cities are Varna and Dobrich.

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