Tsarevo, known also as Michurin, is the most southern resort town on the Bulgarian coast with population of about 6400. Situated on three peninsulas, the town is an unique sea oasis, surrounded by virgin nature.

Tsarevo has a millennial history. Remains of an ancient fortress can be seen today in Vasiliko section, located on one of the peninsulas. In the middle ages, Tsarevo was an important trading center. There was a shipyard, several mills and a water mill, which is preserved. The church of the Assumption, built in 18th century is an interesting sight for tourists and will astonish you with its beautiful frescoes.

Tsarevo has three beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallow water, appropriate for children. There are big and luxurious as well as small family hotels, private lodges are also offered. Just several kilometers away are the famous to Bulgarians camping sites Arapya and Nestinarka.

The unique combination of sea and mountain is one of the distinguishing features of Tsarevo. The slopes of Strandzha mountain are visible from the town and contribute to the fresh air. It is definitely worth to spend at least a day in the heights of this unexplored mountain, declared a nature park because of its variety of animal and plant species.

The town is surrounded by broad-leaved woods, and greenery is everywhere in Tsarevo. Many tourists visit the area to see the biodiversity of Strandzha mountain or for fishing and hunting tourism.

Some of the typical sea delicacies of the town which you should taste are dried mackerel, marinated bonito, salty mullet.

The regional center of Bourgas and the airport, where you can rent a car, are located 70km. to the north. The closest resorts are Ahtopol, Sinemorets, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets etc. 

If you are a couple, we advice you to make your trip to Tsarevo and the surroundings with small and economical car, which is easy to park and able  to squeeze through even the smallest streets. In case you will have a family vacation, we can offer you some of our more spacious cars.