Rent a car primorskoPrimorsko is a lovely town, situated on a peninsula on the south Black Sea coast, with population of about 2500.

The village has a millennial history. According to scientists, The Thracian sanctuary Begliktash dates back to 14th century BC and was in use until 5th century AD. It served as a clock, calendar and a temple of the Sun. Today the remains from in are an interesting tourist sight. In the middle ages Primorsko was a regional center with fortress, remains of which can be seen near the beach.
Primorsko has four beaches – North, Central, South and the so called Pearl, known for its unique sand dunes, reaching 20m in height. The air in Primorsko is fresh, thanks to the close slopes and forests of Strandzha mountain. It is an interesting fact that the town is on the border between the continental and the Mediterranean climate. An accent is put on the ecology and the protection of the environment. Recently the town received an international award for its efforts in this direction.

The possibilities for accommodation are luxurious hotels, family hotels, private lodges, camping sites.

Primorsko's guests are not only middle-aged tourists, but also many young people, because of the multitude of entertainment opportunities – water slide, pedalo, banana, water skis, surfing etc. There are many night bars and discos.

You can dine in an exquisite restaurant or in a romantic one with a sea view. There are also some folk-style taverns with live music performances.

Some of the natural beauties worth visiting are the Oil Cape – the third largest in Bulgaria. Many ships that carried olive oil wrecked around it, and that is where its name came from.

You can't afford to miss the nature reserve Ropotamo, one of the places with still virgin nature in Bulgaria.

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