Sozopol is situated on a peninsula with panoramic bay on the southern part of the Black Sea coastline, just 35km. to the south from Bourgas.

The town has a population of about 5000, but in the summer this number quadruples, as Sozopol is among the most popular resorts in the country. It is also one of the most ancient on the Black Sea, and attracts visitors from all over the world with its romantic atmosphere.

Archaeological studies show that the cultural tradition of the town is more than 7 millenniums old. Sozopol was settled for the first time in the Neolithic era, about 5000 years BC. In the year 610 BC Milletian Greeks found the first village on the peninsula and called it Apolonia. The village grows fast in the first centuries of its existence. Massive city walls were built. In ancient historical documents, the temple of  Apolon is described as “colossal”. It housed a 13m tall statue of the god. Some time before the new era, Apolonia was conquered by Roman legions that destroyed and plundered everything. The legendary statue of Apolon was carried to Rome as a war trophy.

In 1st century AD the town was rebuild. The Trakia region became a Roman province and Sozopol continued to function as an administrative center. When Christianity was accepted as an official state religion, Apolonia was renamed to Sozopolis in corresponding to the new Christian dogmas.

In 5th century the town was again fortified by city wall, remains of which can still be seen on the southeastern side of the peninsula. The town is included for the first time within the borders of Bulgaria by Khan Krum in year 812. Sozopol became an important diocese with over 20 churches, remains of which still exist.

Two of the most appealing sights to tourists are the archaeological museum and the art gallery. In 2010 in archaeological excavations on the near island St. Ivan, scientists discovered the relics of St. John the Baptist.

Sozopol has two beaches – Central and the so-called Harmanite. There are two other beaches in the immediate vicinity – camp sites Golden Fish and Kavatsi.

The town is divided in old and modern sections. The old town is famous for its romantic atmosphere with narrow, paved streets and centuries-old houses. The modern town is full of hotels, restaurants and amusements. You can sleep in a luxurious hotel or a small family one, in private lodges or even bungalows. There are also several camping sites in closeness – Gradina, Golden Fish, Veselie, Smokinya and Kavatsi. Sozopol's restaurants offer typical Bulgarian sea food and a variety of specialties.

The National Reserve Ropotamo is located close to Sozopol, on the river sharing the same name. Tourists can take a boat there and observe the richness of plants and bird species.
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