Bourgas is located in east Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast. It is the fourth largest city in the country with 225 000 residents, and also has the largest port.

Bourgas is one of the most lively cities, with many night clubs and restaurants, rich history and culture, so that you will not only enjoy the sun and sea, but will have a considerable choice of places to visit and opportunities to have fun.
Many artifacts were found in the area, dating back to the Bronze and Iron ages. Many of the remains prove that Thracians inhabited the the place in times before the new era. The name Bourgas is first encountered in a document dating from 1306, when a Byzantine poet included the town in a poem. Bourgas was also a flourishing Roman harbor.

The Regional Historical Museum opened in 1925. In its halls you can see exhibits, dating back to Roman times. The Ethnographic museum offers a glimpse at clothes, design, fabrics and embroidery work from the past. The Museum of Nature and Science is another popular attraction. There you can see over 1300 species of fishes, reptiles, insects and plants, some of which endangered. The Art Gallery in Bourgas opened in 1945. Many paintings by renowned Bulgarian artists are on display, as well as sculptures from different ages.

Several churches in the area attract tourists' attention. The Cathedral St. Cyril and Methodius is known for its astonishing frescoes and wooden altar. The Armenian church, built in 1855 is also a place you shouldn't miss. Other interesting cultural sites are the Bourgas Opera and Theater.

The Sea garden and the Central beach are very close to the center of the city, and in a modest distance from the Railway Station, so if you like walking, you won't need a car to go there.
There are many restaurants with diverse cuisine. Prices are usually affordable. There is  also a variety of night clubs with different kinds of music, piano bars, pubs with live music etc.
Located near Bourgas are the Sea resorts Sozopol, Pomorie and Primorsko, which also have very rich history and culture. If you need transport to reach Bourgas or the surroundings you can rent a car directly from the airports of Bourgas, Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv or from an office of Sunny Car in Pomorie or Sunny Beach.