Nessebar is the oldest town along the Black Sea coast. Much of its architecture is well preserved, the town is announced part of the UNESCO world heritage.

It is situated on a peninsula and the connection to the mainland is just a strip – a path for cars and pedestrians. There is an old mill on it, which is one of the symbols of the town and a favorite place for photos.

The history of the town dates back to Bronze Age – the village on the peninsula in among the oldest towns in Europe. Its initial name was Mesembria.

More than 10 old churches are preserved on the peninsula, and one is still in function. You should definitely check out the church “Christ Pantocrator” - built in 13-14c. AD and the church of the Virgin built in 10c. AD. In “St. Stefan” you will find beautiful frescoes from 16th century.

Middle age period is supplemented by Bulgaria's Revival period in Nessebar. Many of the houses in the old town are from 18th century. You will be able to see traditional knitting work, pottery and ornaments. Bulgaria had a very rich and distinctive culture in 18-19th century. Some of the old-time houses and churches are turned into museums, where you can know more about the lifestyle of people and history of the place several centuries ago. 

The modern part of the town hosts the beach, reastaurants, hotels, shops and everything else the tourist might need. Nessebar is not only a place for historical and cultural tourism, but also a preferred destination by the young people, as well as by families, because of the combination of the romantic old town and a modern one, where you can also have fun at night.

Just a few kilometers away are the resorts Sunny Beach on the north and Pomorie on the south. We have offices in both of them and you can rent a car for you trip on the Black Sea coast.