Pomorie is the third largest city on the Black Sea coast after Bourgas and Varna, with population of about 14 000. It is also one of the most popular sites for summer vacation among Bulgarians. It was first settled in 5th century BC.

The beach is 7km. long with fine sand and crystal-clear water.
It is not only a lovely spot for a vacation, but a place with many historical, cultural and natural sights.

You should definitely visit the Thracian beehive tomb from 4th century AD. Tourists are allowed inside its round chamber, where the high-ranking Thracians were buried.

The church St. Georgi from 17th century is also a popular place among the tourists. According to the legend, some of the relics of the saint were buried there, and a holy water runs from the spring above them. Two old churches are also worth your attention – Church of Transfiguration of God and the Church of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God, built in 18-19th century.

The Pomorian lake is a reserved site with enormous biodiversity, which you can't miss. It is inhabited by more than 260 species of birds, there is also a watchtower, from where you can observe them with a telescope and binocles.

Pomorie is also known for its mud-healing procedure. The sanatorium is on the side of the lake and helps in many bone and muscle conditions. 

The city hosts the only of its kind salt museum in Europe. Salt was the oldest occupation of the locals, and was handed through generations.

In the architectural reserve “Old Pomorian Houses” you can have a glimpse of the lifestyle and history of predecessors of modern Bulgarians in the Revival period. If you would like to continue thematically, the Historical museum is the next destination in your walk.

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