Kavatsite is an area and camping site on the south Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, near Sozopol and Dyuni. Its name is a Turkish word meaning “poplar” which came from the trees growing there.

In Kavatsite you can enjoy wonderful white sand dunes, which are a natural sight with statute of protected area since 1985.

The swamp Alepu is 4km. away, it is part of Ropotamo Nature Reserve, where many rare species of birds can be observed. River Ropotamo is just 9km away, where you can rent a boat and enjoy the enormous biodiversity of plant and animal species, many of which endangered.

There are three hotels in Kavatsite, and several more in closeness. You can stay in bungalows with beach view, as well as on tents. There are several restaurants and a disco. Quietness, tranquility and the beauty of the nature are appreciated here.

Kavatsite is just a kilometer away from the town of Sozopol – you can get there on foot or with the train for kids. The advantage of Kavatsite is that the beach is cleaner and because of disputes on the protected area part of which is the camping site, there is almost no construction. Because of its closeness and the wider choice of accommodation, you can sleep in Sozopol where you can see many sights,  and in the day come for a sunbath in Kavatsite, where the beach is not so crowded.

Near Kavatsite are camp site Smokinya, the resorts Dyuni, Chernomorets, Primorsko, Kiten. Beach Arkutino – also a protected area, know for its water-lily that grows there, is just 7km. away.

Kavatsite and the sights in vicinity are worth your attention, at least for the virgin nature. We can offer you to rent a car, so you can make this little adventure true. Our prices are affordable, and the car can be delivered in the most convenient place for you.