Obzor is a town in north-eastern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast with population of about 2500.

The history of the village dates back to 10c. BC. The first settlers were the Thracians, after that came the Greeks, followed by the Romans, Bulgarians, and Ottomans for five centuries. For that time Obzor changed seven names, some of which “The Sun town” and “The God town”

Obzor is a preferred spot for a quiet vacation in a pleasant atmosphere. The town is clean and well maintained, with a beautiful green park right before the beach. Near it is the newly-built amphitheater, where international festivals, concerts and entertainment programs take place in the summer. The beach is clean with wonderful fine sand, one of the longest in the country – 7km.

If you like the luxury in combination with a tranquil vacation you will enjoy the 4 stars hotels with “All inclusive” and high quality service, which are just meters away from the beach. Private lodges are also offered and for those who would deprive themselves from some comforts – bungalows near the beach.

Most restaurants are folk-style, with a lot of wood and decorations; the cuisine is diverse with all kinds of specialties. Some of the restaurants have live music performances and quite often you might witness a German dancing Bulgarian folk dance 'pravo horo'.

Even though Obzor is a lovely and tranquil cities, the night life is on a very high level. Just outside Obzor is located one of the biggest discos on the Balkan peninsula, which attracts visitors even from the resorts in vicinity. There are also several night bars.

The picturesque site Irakli is just several kilometers away. It has preserved its virgin landscape, there are no buildings at all, people can only sleep in tents.

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