Byala is a coastal town with population of about 2000 people, situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, 75km away from Bourgas and 55km from Varna.

Byala is known for its virgin, 6km long beach, beautiful panoramas and well-developed wine-production.

The name of the town comes from the white steep rocks over the beach. For the first time the area was settled in 3rd century, and today the remains of a fortress are an evidence for the rich history of the place. Byala is divided in several parts, which represent the different periods of settlement.

Byala is developing fast and becomes more and more attractive destination for tourists. For your accommodation you can choose between camping sites, hotels and private lodges. It is a great place for a quiet vacation. One of the reasons the visitors choose Byala is because of its virgin beaches, unaffected by the tumultuous construction on the Black Sea coast. The area is cleaner, because there are no plants and industry nearby.

Only 6km away from Byala are the last uplands of the Balkan mountains, and a forest near the beach add to the feeling of nature. The water is crystal-clear, with ideal temperature in the summer.

The most important sight in Byala are the so-called White rocks. Scientists have found there traces keeping evidence of the cataclysm, which caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Byala is famous with its wine-production. Merlot vines and the traditional Bulgarian variety Dimyat are cultivated around the city.

The closest town is Obzor (6km). In just 20km. south you'll find the most virgin beach in the country – Irakli.
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